ChartDeck Process

Stage 1 begins our communication. Initially we layout an array of possibilities. Then we meet to discuss the role your web system will play within your business in both the short term and long term

Stage 2 is when we propose an economical and prudent plan of action. When meet again to ensure that we are all on the same page and that our clients understand exactly what we are building for them and how it will facilitate their business.

Stage 3 we develop a fully functional web system- often incorporating a content management system with a website. Now that we have something tangible that can be iteratively improved we move to the concluding stage.

Stage 4 is where we work with your team so that you can fully leverage all of the features and functionalities of your web system. Now that your web system is in place, you may opt to have us provide other services such as Content Development, Specialized Design, Marketing and Advertising, Analytics, and App Deployment.

ChartDeck Services

1.Web Development Consultancy & Architecture

For clients with existing web developers and for clients who sub-contract freelance web development, we offer web development consultancy and can act as an intermediary between you and your web developer. If your are not well-versed in search engine optimization, database design, and frontend & backend coding, we advise you to speak with us before commissioning web development work. In addition to doing web develoment or matching you with an appropriate web developer, we perform web systems architecture and web developement quality assurance.

2.Website Appraisal & Buy-side Advice*

For clients with existing websites or investors purchasing a business with an online component we are the nerds you need. We review the code and data structures of the web system in question. We write comprehensive reports that explain in layman’s (and in technical terms) the advantages and the limitations of your current website or mobile application. We provide actionable advice that ChartDeck or your current web development team can carry out. We estimate costs of future upgrades and major changes to your website. We advise you on the eligibility of software patents, trademarks, service marks, and copyrights.

3.Funding & Sell-side Website Expertise*

We maximize the value of your business when you go to sell it or raise funding by valuing its online and software components. We perform due diligence on your websites, apps, and databases and compare them to those of your competitors. We will write pitches, make pitch videos, make presentations, prepare investment memoranda and edit (or develop) a comprehensive business plan to help you earn top dollar or minimize equity dilution when you sell your business or raise capital. In addition, we are willing to take an active role in the sales or funding process, meaning that we will circulate your investment memoranda amongst appropriate angel investors, venture capitalists, and boutique capital providers or we will prepare and submit effective crowdfunding pitches to the most appropriate crowdfunding platforms. We will be your best advocates until money is raised or your bussiness is sold.


*Chartdeck is not a broker-dealer. We strictly provide supplemental business development materials and services. We cannot quote prices to investors until we are hired by you as an independent sub-contractor.

Checklist To Begin Web Development

1. Register a domain name (with or without privacy protection)
2. Develop your core content

  • write content for each page (home page, about page, store page, contact page, etc)
  • provide additional content (photos, videos, your logo)
  • (chose a color scheme)
  • (chose a font pairing)
3. Develop accessible ecommerce content (otherwise products will need to be uploaded one by one, which takes more time)
  • ideally make a google spread sheet or excel spreadsheet where each row pertains to one product with the following column titles
  • product title
  • product short description (one sentence describing product)
  • product long description 
  • price
  • (variations of the product, ie different colors, sizes, etc)
  • product main image path (well labeled and in jpeg format, like diamond_ring.jpeg or jennifers_diamond_ring.jpg)
  • product gallery image path(s) (like diamond_ring_back.jpeg)
  • place well labeled product images into a folder and zip or compress the folder so you can email it
  • decide how you want to price shipping and handling (or ask about shipping integrations)
  • write a refund and return policy
4. To begin with PayPal express all you need is your paypal email address (Paypal express links to paypal website for checkout.)
5. (For within website checkout you will need a Payal Pro Merchant account, a Stripe account, or an account. You will also need an ssl certificate which from costs $50 a year. ) 
6. (Provide facebook page info for social integration with website)
7. (Additional ecommerce options include having your products post on Ebay, enabling clients to check out using their Amazon accounts, signing people up to a mailing list, providing coupons, etc. )