About Us

We are an entrepreneurially minded young team producing elegant and effective web systems. Our team collaborates closely in order to deliver and run your custom website and mobile applications. Constant communication throughout the design and development process with each specialized member of our team playing a unique role enables us to exceed your expectations.

William Gasner

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

BA Brown University, BioTech & Entrepreneurship

A creative thinker at heart and an entrepreneur in practice, Will Gasner performs thorough graphic design and website layout/feature development. When requested, he will educate you about cutting-edge design and content management, while creating branding, logo designs, and a website design esthetic catered to your company. He also loves to provide clever advertising, marketing, and business improvement ideas!

Walter Filkins

Web Developer & Managing Director

BA Williams College, Mathematics, Statistics & Economics

Walter coordinates the design and development process. Clients often draw on his background in statistics and data mining to customize their data collection and analysis process. He is also exceptionally talkative and eager to give business advice to start-up clients when initially discussing their integrated web system needs. Walter also oversees the search engine optimization process.