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  1. Initial Meeting (About one hour)
    1. How do you currently go about marketing your business?
    2. Do you currently use email marketing, social media, or online advertising?
    3. Will you or any of your employees be able to devote a couple hours a week to online marketing or do you plan to outsource your online marketing?
  2. Install Google Analytics and Webmaster Account
  3. Develop Short Term Strategy (Requires at least 2 weeks worth of data)
    1. Review current keywords and set keyword objectives
    2. Analyze current online visitor behavior and develop conversion goals (eg visitor buys product, signs up for email list, fills out inquire form, clicks phone number)
    3. Setup micro advertising campaigns (usually on Google, Bing, and Facebook however depending on the nature of your business advertising on local directories or online hubs may be valuable)
  4. Meet To Discuss Plan and Execute Short Term Strategy (Usually strategy will take 3-6 weeks to build enough data to move to the Long Term Stratefy)
    1. Determine who will execute what tasks and when
    2. Introduce client to monitoring tools (advertising dashboards, Google Analytics)
  5. Analyze ROI and Develop Long Term Strategy
    1. Analyze the data generated from the short term strategy
    2. If desired, train client’s employees to perform routine tasks (such as making blog postings, sending mass emails, adjusting and creating online advertisements)
  6. Execute Long Term Strategy (usually involves 1 – 4 hours of work per week for us or your employees)
    1. Periodically Meet to Discuss ROI and Online Marketing Strategy